Wednesday, 25 February 2015


I've always wanted a triangl bikini but there's no way i can afford to spend £50+ on a bikini at the moment. Although the quality must be very good, something you probably wouldn't get in a dupe, i realised it's the style i really love which led me straight to eBay!
Who knew that searching 'triangl bikini' would bring up hundreds of results. Turns out there are loads of dupes available to buy, the cheapest from places in Asia.

After reading lots of reviews, most being positive, i decided to just place an order, and if it was crap, at least i only wasted £6, a risk i was easily willing to take. As it was being shipped from China, i realised i may be waiting 20 days+ for it to arrive, however, it actually arrived in about 2 weeks which i thought was pretty fast. 

I'm truly impressed by the bikini, although i can't compare it to a genuine triangl bikini (maybe one day), i think for the price i paid, it's pretty good. The only thing that you should be wary about is the sizing. I ordered a small which is fine for my top but the bottoms are quite tight and don't provide any stretch because of the material. If i order again, which i think i am going to do, i will probably order a medium simply for the bottoms to fit more comfortably and then adjust the top to fit. 

If you want a high quality bikini, go for the genuine triangl bikini because you're guaranteed it for the price you're paying. However, if you like me just want a bikini of the same style but can't afford a real one, try the dupe. 

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  1. I love the triangl bikini sets! But just like you I can't be spending so much money on a bikini just yet! I love the look of them, how basic they are! Definitely will give a look on eBay!

    Tabitha - amour-Tabitha.blogspot.co.uk