Thursday, 8 January 2015


Bundled up in my oversized scarf wishing this weather would warm up pronto. Now Christmas is over, i'm ready for the clocks to go forward because the day going dark at 3:30pm is just depressing.
I need longer days, i'm not the best morning person so when i eventually start my day properly, it starts going dark! But, it's something i want to change about myself this year. I need to get in to a routine and solve my insomnia!

Today i went to town, raided them charity shops and came back with this bargain mocked neck jumper for £3. It always amazes me when i find something so cheap which is in all the high street shops at the moment for £40. I recommend everyone looks in their local charity shops first before you go in to high street ones; you never know what you might find. 


Black Coat- Mango 
Cream Jumper- Charity Shop
Black Jeans- Zara
Slip On Shoes- Primark 
Tartan Scarf- Zara 


  1. You look lovely and you're literally so so pretty! :)

  2. I've only just recently turned myself into a morning person, not that I had issues with insomnia, but I am now up at 6am to work on my blog, to work at 8.30am and the asleep by 10pm. It's amazing how much spare time I have these days! Good luck with your sleep patterns! and you look gorgeous by the way :)

    Rosie x

    1. thankyou! i think i will get back in to a routine once i go back to uni! :) x