Tuesday, 30 December 2014


I don't have a massive jewellery collection as i have never been one to buy tons of it, instead i tend to wear the same pieces permanently, rarely mixing it up. But the pieces i do own are particularly special to me. 

I am drawn to dainty, minimalist jewellery. 
This necklace from Topshop is a new and much loved edition to my collection. I got it from my parents for Christmas and fell in love with it instantly, i haven't taken it off since! 

Another permanently worn piece is my Pandora ring i also received from my parents. Although, many people may think everyone and their grandma has a pandora ring, it doesn't stop me from seeing how pretty it is. 

The last few items are pieces that i tend to use to layer with other pieces that have been collected from a variety of places. 
The first two necklaces were charms bought from eBay that i put on to a chain.
My knot ring is special to me as i bought it in from a shop in Rome while travelling with friends. However, it isn't of the best quality so i only wear it occasionally.  

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