Tuesday, 5 August 2014


If all goes to plan and I get the grades i need next week, I will be heading off to university in September where I will be moving into halls and into a boring, bare bedroom. As I will be living there for the first year, I want to make it cosy and homely so I hit pinterest and tumblr for some inspiration.

1. Bits and Bobs - what's more homely than little odd bits throughout your room that will act as home comforts for you. I know I will be taking little bits such as dream catchers, candles and bunting from my current bedroom to fill the room and make it look like someone actually lives there. 

2. Fairy Lights - I think fairy lights are a must to hang around your door or around photos to add to the cosiness. 

3. Photos, photos & more photos - At the end of summer i'm going to send off a load of my photos to be printed for me to take with me and decorate all over my room. I love the look of hanging each photo on a string with a little peg like in the picture above, or even just stuck on the walls like my own real life instagram. 

4. Wall hangings & Tapestry throws - I really want to get a tapestry throw that I can either hang across my wall to cover the boring beige paint that you can't paint over in university rooms to create a cool looking wallpaper and general 'vibe', or to decorate my bed with, along with a load of cute pillows. You can get tapestry throws from Urban Outfitters if you are ok with spending £40, alternatively i would recommend looking at eBay where you can, in my opinion, get cuter ones for a lot cheaper. (like this one)

Hope you like my ideas for my university room, who knows, soon i could be showing you my actually room. In the meantime, i'm going back to tumblr..

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