Monday, 28 July 2014


what i'm wearing:
zara shirt
monki tshirt
topshop shorts
primark shoes, bag & sunglasses

lol, i'm definitely not a surfer, i've never even tried but when wearing this shirt, i feel super 'surfery'. It just has this beachy feel to it, so slouchy and over-sized, i love it! and what makes it even better is the fact it cost me £9.99 from zara sale- bargain! Also, i told you i live in these shorts, i'm totally not lying.
Whilst in primark the other day, i spotted these slip on shoes, replicas of the ones in topshop. I was contemplating buying the topshop ones, but i thought for £7 i might as well just get these ones and if they break in a month or so, i haven't lost out on much. They are surprisingly very comfortable too which is something i've heard that the ones from topshop are not, and even though they are probably not as sterdy, they will do me fine. 


  1. Perfect look for summer and I love your shoes!!! Kisses,


  2. I'm absolutely loving that zara shirt, definitely need to get my hands on one.

    S xo.