Friday, 21 February 2014


primark dress & bag | asos leather jacket & fedora hat | h&m boots | michael kors watch

So I did it, I got my hair chopped off (5 inches to be precise). It was quite a nerve-wrecking experience but my hair feels and looks so much healthier. I loved having super long hair, but i have to admit it had got too long and started to look a bit scraggly and messy. Although my new hair is still quite long, it feels very different. Who knows, i may even go a bit shorter.. maybe.. probably not. I went shopping the same day and set my sights on this pretty dress from primark. I'm quite disappointed in primark at the moment, i'm not seeing anything that amazing. However, it could just be the primarks near me that aren't that good, because i've seen some t-bar shoes floating around blogs from there which i can't seem to find, but desperately want. 


  1. Love your blog and great outfit! :)

    Lauriane xx

  2. I really want you hat I've been looking for one like this for so long now !