Friday, 28 February 2014


TOTAL: £145.87

I am a huge fan of Kylie Jenner's style; whether it's her more dressy attire or her casual, laid back outfits, i'm always straight on Google searching what she's wearing. I love outfits like this one, as although they are super comfy and easy, they look so nice! When most people want to be comfy, they'll just stick on a jumper and pair of leggings, which is fine, but in comparison to this laid back look, we know which one wins. Plus, who doesn't love converse? They must be the comfiest shoes i own, but i would never of thought to have paired them with boyfriend jeans. However, Kylie shows just how fab they can look, so.. thanks! Hope you like this style steal and check out some of the items i have chosen. If you want me to style steal some outfits you've seen a celebrity wearing, i would be happy to, so just let me know!

Monday, 17 February 2014




Clothes shouldn't be categorised as only to be worn at certain times, so why not make the most of your clothes and dress them so they fit perfectly in both the day and the night. I absolutely love playsuits as unlike a dress, you don't need to worry about what the weather will be like when wearing it. When i saw this black playsuit from choies, i fell in love. I have been after a black playsuit for ages, as they are perfect for a night out but you can also pull on a jumper and you've got a great pair of shorts. These day to night outfits are just an example of how i would turn a cute day time outfit in to a fab night time look.
p.s. can i get a holla for the transparent clutch. Are you like me, who's seen this thing endlessly on tumblr for the last few months, and always wondered where you could find one?- well look no further!

Friday, 14 February 2014


TOTAL: £211.98

New York Fashion Week 2014 is unfortunately in the past, leaving us trolling our way through endless photos of the five fabulous days, that make us slowly turn green in the face, we are that envious of the lucky 'so and so's'. As soon as i spotted these pap photos of Georgia May Jagger wandering the streets of NYC, i knew i had to make a style steal, as although the outfit looks so effortless, the items she's chosen are so easy to find on the high street. Items, might i add, that are probably a hundred times cheaper than what Jagger paid. So if you're like me who loves the look of this outfit but could never afford the real pieces, cheaper alternatives are always a win win. I couldn't quite find an exact alternative to Georgia's textured midi dress so chose a staple midi dress from Boohoo. However, there are countless midi dresses on the high street of all different textures and patterns so go wild. Hope you like this style steal as much as I do. 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


TOTAL: £96.20

It's one of them months where i find myself wanting everything i see! I am currently living a daily struggle of wanting to spend every penny to my name, but having to hide away my bank card, and remind myself i must save. The plans i have for summer could end up just about killing my bank account and may even result in me contemplating offering a limb to pay for it all, so i need all the money i can get. But unfortunately, i am the queen of procrastination which means i often find myself browsing shops online and falling in love with items, i definitely probably don't need (sigh). Out of all the items i have found recently, i am loving these six; loving them so much, that i might have to treat myself to one, or two, or maybe three things. The total price excludes any student discount or promotion codes you might be able to find (i always search google for any before i make a purchase), so the price could get a little cheaper.
I am thinking about making these types of posts on a monthly basis so let me know what you think of them.