Monday, 3 November 2014


Summer 2014 will definitely be one to remember for me. I went travelling with 3 of my best friends for 3 weeks around 10 cities in Europe. We chose to 'interrail', which i highly recommend doing to anyone. It was so much easier than we anticipated and the travel is surprisingly comfortable and relaxing. I loved the fact that you could see so many different places simply by looking out of the window. 

Monday, 16 June 2014


Long time, no see bloggers.. I have officially finished my A Levels and i'm free for the summer!! I've been waiting for this day to arrive all year, and it's finally arrived. Now i've got my exams over with, i can start looking forward to and planning more of my inter rail trip around 9 cities in Europe. On July 1st, i'll be heading to London with three of my best friends ready to start our 3 week journey around 9 cities: Paris, Nice, Milan, Lake Como, Rome, Venice, Munich and Amsterdam. This will be the first independent holiday any of us has ever had and i can't wait! I've never visited any of these places yet and travelling them with my best friends sounds perfect.

We decided last year that we wanted to spend our summer before uni travelling and seeing a bit of the world. I had already heard from people i knew about inter railing, which is basically travelling to each destination by train. You buy your global pass for how many days you want and are free to plan your own trip as you wish. We narrowed down the main places we wanted to see and started to plan our route.

As i am going for three weeks, i probably won't have much chance to update my blog unfortunately, but i'm confident i will have some amazing pictures and stories of my trip i can share with you afterwards. I'm also planning on writing a post on my inter railing experience and hopefully provide helpful information for anyone who's looking to go travelling by inter rail. I'm so so so excited and can't wait to share my summer with you all! My blog is probably going to be my life this summer because i've had to neglect it so much due to exams, but i'm back and ready to post!